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Tazz Movers has been serving the London and Area community since 1999 and are a member of The Better Business Bureau [BBB] since 2005. Based upon the Better Business Bureau's rating system, Tazz Movers has an A+ rate. This rating system provides information which can assure confidence in our reliable and efficient moving services.

We specialize in Furniture Moving and Deliveries.

We provide both in city or out of the city delivery services for your furniture and appliances. If you are either moving, relocating, or requiring delivery of your newly purchased item at a competitive rate, then Tazz Movers is able to assist your needs. Perhaps you simply wish to move your household, yes we are more than capable to serving your needs.


  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

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A brief word about Tazz Movers:

Tazz Movers has been providing Quality Furniture and Appliance moving since our founding in 1999. It is our mission to remain competitively priced while providing efficient and reliable services for customer moving needs, . We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to allow customers to voice concerns regarding market needs and assessments of our services.

A little background about the Company Owner and Manager Steve Taczinski -
Steve has served as a Furniture Handler and driver of Tazz Movers since 1999. Prior to Tazz Movers, Steve has established a combined experience in this field of over 30 years

Steve along with both Dakota and Logan, make up Tazz Movers efficient moving team.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

If you wish to speak to Steve directly, please phone 519-868-9898.

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